Attention: Work At Home Entrepreneurs! 

A-Z Marketing Solution You've Been Looking For
Are you stuck?
If you feel overwhelmed and scared... like no matter what you do it's never enough to get your business off the ground...

I want you to know it's completely normal to feel that way! 

That "guru" you see all over social media? They've felt that way too. So have I, and so has every business owner. 

I've been in online and offline businesses for over 22 years, and I've seen it all. 
  • "Mega Experts" who claim to know everything about marketing (but just started their business 3 months ago)
  • Overcomplicated sales funnels and automation-complications so hard to get started that you just gave up
  • ​Fake income screenshots and testimonials so that latest "Instagram/ YouTube guru" looks good and gets hired
here's the truth...
Marketing is hard. Business is hard. You need REAL solutions!
What would a real solution look like if you could achieve it? 
The background processes of every successful business, allowing the CEO to focus on what they're good at and systemize the rest.
The lifeblood of a business, marketing isn't about fancy trends but about promoting a business authentically and actually selling something!
If you don't have customers, you don't have a business. A successful company needs constant leads and a way to convert those leads.
  • Confidently identify all the gaps in your business (so you can stop over-complicating it and feeling stuck)
  • Generate a steady flow of traffic using a clear roadmap — without the typical spammy, bro marketing tactics
  • Create a business you can retire on without spending tons of money on expensive coaches or advertising
  • ​Build a flawless foundation before using social media so you can build residual income from multiple sources
Is This Even Possible?
spoiler alert: YES it is!
You need a true expert
Unlike some business owners, you know what's up. You've already started a business, and you might have already crossed 5 or even 6 figure months. You know you don't need another "guru" regurgitating some other guru's advice... you need someone with real expertise!
you need a simple system
Let me guess... you have notes on scraps of paper, you tried 4 different planners this year, and your computer files are... a bit chaotic to say the least! This is okay when you're starting out, but now your business is ready for a makeover. Systems can take you to the next level!
The No B.S. Answer...
Listen, there are a LOT of “gurus” and supposed “experts” out there trying to tell you their way is the only way. 
  • ​Facebook Ads
  • ​Instagram
  • ​Email
  • ​LinkedIn
  • ​Pinterest
  • ​TikTok
  • ​SEO
  • ​Sales Funnels
  • ​Banner Ads
  • ​Affiliates/ JVs
  • YouTube
  • ​Livestreams
  • ​... and so on...
It's overwhelming! 
They all claim to have the one answer, when what you REALLY need is a No B.S. system to organize all of the pieces, and put them in their place so you know what to do when...
You know that these one-size-fits-all "answers" aren't really helping you get your marketing straight once and for all, that's why you're still not making the impact (and income) you want!
Hi, I'm Jennifer! 
Completely broke after graduating the police academy and architectural college, I started my own business and in two short years it was wildly profitable.

Within a few years, I burnt out from working 60 hour weeks for demanding and stingy clients — and even tried going back to a 9-5. 

Working for someone else wasn't in the cards for me, though, and it all came crashing down when I was left with only $250 to my name and three weeks to make my rent. 
I knew I had to make a business work, so I started a new venture from scratch using my skills and in one week I made $1000. 
This venture became the seed for my award winning agency. 
Within 18 months I started to enjoy 6 figure years and this was back before most people even knew what a virtual business was.
For the next 20 years, I was able to enjoy leads on autopilot WITHOUT having to spend money on ads or worry about finding clients.

And now I'm sharing my secrets with you in the ONLY complete marketing formula in this industry...

it's your time!
Hear what others are saying...
I have followed all of the great the books, bought the courses, listened to the podcasts...

When I saw Jen’s method...I knew it was better than anything out there. The Gold Standard of Marketing.

— Eli Fuentes, Marketing Consultant
Your system showed me how to put my marketing knowledge into an articulated system. 

We’ll be able to 10x the company in 12-18 months and have them dominating their marketplace.

— Everte Farnell, 20 Year Direct Sales Consultant
Welcome to the "Marketing CMP Program"

The Complete A-Z System For Entrepreneurs 
That Want To Turn Their Business Into A Gapless Lead Machine



The Complete "Marketing CMP" Five Phase Program
It’s not the business owners’ fault that marketers are only teaching blueprints for one tiny area... and not revealing the truth of what it looks like to scale behind the curtain. After this course, you will know ALL the secrets (legal ones) that you can apply to your business right away to blow past your competition and leave them wondering “what kind of secret weapon are THEY using?!?”


Agency Documents
Taking Marketing CMP means that you also get to swipe 23 years of agency systems condensed into easy to follow documents that you can use for your business, your agency or your VA’s. Don’t waste more time organizing and systematizing; I’ve done that over the past 2 decades. You’re welcome. 💛


Free Press Training
Inside this course, you will get the same exact system I used for getting exposure for the C-level executives of companies like Accenture without having to hire some big, fancy Public Relations company. I will show you how to start getting free press right away without having to take another course on getting media. 


Resources Black Book
Over the years, I’ve used thousands of software and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology. I figured out which ones were free or affordable, which ones didn’t over complicate my life and which ones just got the job done. You will save years and money by getting a copy of this list.


TGM Certification Option
As you know, marketing isn’t regulated. There are no enforceable standards and the industry is begging for certified professionals that they can trust. TheGoodwinMethod is quickly becoming the gold standard of marketing and those who are trained in it, will have the first chance to be Official Certified Marketing Professionals. Set yourself apart from millions of people claiming to be marketing experts. Taking this course now, means that your business or agency could be an overnight success when the certification is required later. 


Marketing Desk Reference
A printable desktop reference to help keep you focused when any shiny new object appears. Just refer to it and know whether you should work on it or not. You can also give them out as gifts to your network and use them as lead magnets for events, webinars and more.



Group Support 1 Year
No one wants a course that just goes cold when the “guru” has their money and walks away. Instead, students should have access to their teacher to ensure their future success. I have a paid monthly support group where you have access to myself, my experts and my colleagues and you will get 1 year’s membership for free to help you apply TGM to your business. Ask questions, get answers, join our weekly training sessions and even join us on Zoom and talk to myself and my team directly.


Trello Board for VA's and Agencies
Swipe my agency's trello board that we use for all clients and internal projects.
Do you know how long it would take to recreate that on your side?!? Don’t sweat it, grab mine and start chipping away at your tasks or hand it to your virtual assistant.


BETA Software Pricing
TheGoodwinMethod is the basis of a new software coming out in 2020. It will speed up everything you learned and give you a slick dashboard to crank out the steps to scale your business even more rapidly. Want early access? You got it. Those who support me are getting that in return. You will have special pricing available during the BETA launch.


Strategy Call
Included with this amazing training is a $5000 strategy session with me. You will get my high-level strategy session for your idea or business so you have a very complete blueprint to apply TheGoodwinMethod to. Get the course, get the strategy, get the support... It’s such a Good-Win! 😉

Now, this is only open for a few days. On January 25th, I'm closing this down and putting the course back into the vault. Not lying. Then, the material will not become available again until later this year, and I'll be turning it into a certification program starting at $10,000.

With all the money you've spent on gurus... wondering what the next step really is and how you can start achieving success... you know the cost of not taking action now.

so... let's get started! 

$500 OFF PRICE (Normally $2997)
  • The Marketing CMP Program (value $10,000)
  • BONUS: Group Support For 1 year (value $3,000)
  • BONUS: The Agency Trello Board  (value $1,500)
  • BONUS: My Beta Software Pricing (value $3,000)
  • BONUS: One on One Strategy Call  (value $5,000)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $22,500

* My Crazy 100% Scouts' Honor Guarantee *

If you’re not 100% satisfied with The Marketing CMP Program, the strategies, or the support after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund, scouts' honor.

Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 30 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of and THEN... make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.


How is this different from other courses?
The Marketing CMP Program is the complete culmination of everything I have researched, implemented and taught for the past two decades. This is the most ethical marketing framework available and takes you through a step-by-step system for your business.
What if I don't have time to do the course?
I'm not going to lie... going through the course and doing the work will take time. This isn't for "want-repreneurs" who aren't willing to do the work... I designed this to serve committed entrepreneurs. You know that the work is worth it once you get the results! 
What if I don't understand marketing?
No problem! My superpower is taking the complex, messy, all-encompassing pieces of marketing and business and lining them all up for you in the 5 easy phases that make up The Goodwin Method. This course teaches you everything you need to know!
Will this work for my business?
This program has been proven for my 22+ years of managing hundreds of high-level clients and students — along with my own companies. I've used this method for brands like Accenture, Hewlitt Packard, and more... all with amazing results.  
it's your time!
This is your time...

Now, you could keep doing the same things you're doing now... and this time next year, you’ll still be stuck in the same spot you are right now. 

Or, next January... you could be looking back at one of the best years your business ever had! 
You could be reviewing all the successes you had in 2020 — finally getting your business organized, creating a detailed strong marketing plan... and actually WORKING it so your business starts exploding! 
This is your roadmap... to new leads, new customers, and finally being able to show off your business to your friends and family that kept telling you to "get a real job." 

You can have the freedom to take time off whenever you want, work on your own schedule instead of your business running you, or plan that amazing vacation knowing your business is stable and successful. 

If you’re ready… let’s start your journey today!  

You'll Be Joining Hundreds Of Others Who've Replaced Overwhelm & Confusion With Clarity & Efficiency By Following This System.
I just got done with a new round of guru research and talked to 6 or 7 of the biggest names around. And then I found you. 

Your system and free training starts where their paid stuff leaves off.

— Jen Appel, Branding Expert
Jennifer’s 22 years of experience in the Online Marketing space is simply unrivaled. Her system is the most mind-blowing thing I have come across. 

I wish I would have found her sooner. If I had, a few of my earlier endeavors would have turned out much differently.

— Roger Sullivan, 30 Year Business Builder